English training for early childhood workers

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English training for early childhood workers

Some preschoolers may have a language or fluency disorder (such as stuttering). It is not always easy to know how to detect these issues and how to intervene. Applying different stimulation strategies is of great benefit to any child with a communication problem. The earlier you intervene in your life, the better your chances of success.

Following your request, we have translated our trainings in English in order to train more childcare workers! 

For an overview of the content, please refer to the course outline. 


DATES 2022

*You must take the training 1 before training number 2. 

Training 1 : Do your best talking, i'll do my best listening 

  • Saturday february 26th  (9 am to 12 pm)

  • Friday march 18th (12 pm to 3 pm) 


Training 2 : Deepening the knowledge 

  • Saturday march 26th (9 pm to 12 pm)  Training 2 (Anna Nissen)

  • Friday may 13th (12 pm to 3 pm)  Training 2 (Myra Cox) 


Course outline